1.7.4 -- Trio of Trouble

  • Fixed the print page so that it will now show the colored squares as long as Background Graphics is enabled.
    Printing works best in Google Chrome, and with a grid size that is not massive. 50x50 seems to be the magical number and creates a nice printout, while 100x100 seems to be the highest to go without the colors just disappearing from how tiny they'll be.
  • Added support for Artkal pegboards. Enable "Show Pegboards" and "Artkal Mini Pegboards" to see the boards split as 50x50 (Artkal) instead of 29x29 (Perler)
  • Added hover tips to each of the options when viewing an image grid.

1.7.3 -- Squash

  • Improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  • Due to inactivity, Amazon kicked me from their Affiliate program... So ads are removed now!
1.7.2 -- The Tweak II: Return of the Tweak
  • Implemented ability to ban visitors who consistently upload items against the Terms of Service
  • Adjusted ReCaptcha to the new Invisible Mode
  • Added the ability to hide your image from showing on the public gallery
  • Added Statistic tracking, view them at the bottom of this page!
  • Moved code around to help with performance
1.7.1 -- Recovery
  • Some of you may have noticed the site has been down for a few days. There have been some issues on the hosts end that they are attempting to resolve, so site uptime should be stabilized all around soon.
  • The new site is now http://beads.foolishpixel.com/ please update bookmarks.
  • In the meantime I have taken some drastic measures! I have enabled product placement into the site to hopefully generate some revenue.
  • This revenue will be 100% going back into the site as I save up for new hosting that has more stable uptime.
  • Please consider whitelisting this site and checking out some of the displayed products if you use it and find it helpful.
  • Added reCaptcha to assist with spam uploads.
  • GIFs are no longer supported due to abuse.
  • FINALLY fixed the palette color selection bug. The color popout should now more reliably appear.
1.7.0 -- The Major Rework!
  • Redesigned entire website
  • Added Color picker to palette editor
  • Added Agreement on upload
  • Added Warning when viewing images
  • Got a real ToS and Privacy Policy!
  • Added EU Cookie Law support
1.6.1 -- The Tweak
  • Compatibility with my webserver
1.6 -- The Copy
  • Initial Rehost -- Straight from Source

Statistics (Not tracked until v1.7.2+)
Uploads: 20542
Last Upload: 10/15/2019 05:34 PM
Image Take Downs: 93
Banned Users: 16